August 1, 2018 BestCompaniesUSA

5 Highlights From July’s Webinar- Improving Internal Communication

Our July webinar, Improving Internal Communication, explored ways teams can communicate more effectively. Dr. Deborah Peck, Lindsay M. Smith and Michael S. Seaver hosted the webinar and discussed ways employers can open up 1-to-1 communication, see a ROI from effective communication and, improve employee engagement.

Here are 5 highlights from July’s webinar, Improving Internal Communication.

Poll Results – 100% of webinar attendees have completed a personality inventory

We kicked off the webinar with a live poll of webinar attendees. The poll revealed that all of the attendees have completed a personality inventory such as the DISC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder 2.0, and Emergenetics tests. Smith connected the personality inventory to the different ways people communicate, emphasizing the need to establish trust. According to Smith, establishing trust in the workplace speeds up goal accomplishment, increases top line revenue, and increases staff retention.

Communication Hacks 101

Smith shared a series of communication hacks centered around taking other perspectives, reducing judgment, not allowing resentment to build, taking responsibility for your reactions, and practicing empathetic listening. Implementing these hacks can significantly improve communication!

Poll Results – 82% of the attendees had facilitated an employee engagement survey in the last 12 months

During the webinar, Smith opened another poll which revealed that 82% of the attendees had facilitated an employee engagement survey in the last 12 months. Employee engagement surveys are a great way to check your organization’s pulse and see howe employees are feeling about the company. This important data is important to collect regularly and allows companies to take action to improve employees experiences.

Insights From Dr. Deb – Top Companies Analysis

Dr. Deb shared incredible insights about internal communication throughout the webinar. She explained how best companies have 50% less turnover than non-best companies. She also noted that the stock market returns of best companies are twice as high as non-best companies. Then, Dr. Deb dove into the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona awards, breaking down the survey process and how winners are selected.

She discussed the 14 questions from the award programs 90 questions survey that were focused on internal communication and gave examples of how she’d consult with an organization.

Developing a High Trust Workplace Culture

Michael Seaver closed the webinar by sharing a few examples from BestCompaniesUSA’s white paper, 5 Ways to Develop a High Trust Workplace Culture. He also provided tactical actions employers can take to strengthen internal employee communication in the workplace.

If you’re like our webinar attendees, you may be looking for a way to open the lines of communication with your team. You’ll love all of the practical tips and applications in this webinar. Check out the full webinar on our website or listen to it on our podcast.