May 10, 2018 BestCompaniesUSA

5 Things You Will Learn at the Workshop

In today’s business climate, employee interactions with customers are just as important as the quality of the product or service being offered. Engaged, passionate employees are important in driving brand awareness and winning employer awards.

To win employer awards, companies must receive great scores on anonymous employee surveys, therefore, creating an engaging and effective work environment for employees can significantly impact your company’s ability to win corporate awards.

While brand awareness can be achieved through hard work and positive customer interactions, winning corporate awards sets your company ahead of the pack. Corporate awards attract customers while creating a sense of pride amongst employees.

At our first workshop, “Winning Employer Awards to Drive Brand Awareness,”a variety of experienced speakers and representatives will share their insights on how to win employer awards.

If you are interested in winning employer awards to drive brand awareness, here are 5 things you will learn at the workshop.

How to create individual, local, state and national awards strategies for your organization

Delta Emerson, Chief People and Strategy Officer of Bullseye Engagement, will lead an interactive seminar offering a step-by-step process that your company can use to win individual, local, state, and national awards. Experienced with both local and global businesses, Delta Emerson will share her insights on how to access your company’s leadership mindset in regard to corporate recognition. Attendees will learn to analyze, interpret, and respond to employee survey results.

How to garner leadership support for your awards journey

Workshop attendees will learn about garnering leadership support for their awards journey from Charles Schwab’s Jalina Kerr. Kerr, Senior Vice President of Advisor Strategies, will talk about best practices for sharing your awards with the community. She will explain how to craft a killer branding strategy and build an employee referral program.

How to improve engagement using employee survey data results

Employee engagement is essential to the success of a company. No matter the size, companies should work to improve employee retention and promote a positive work environment. Attendees will learn how to implement employee survey data results to improve engagement within their company. Resources about survey analysis will be offered and attendees will learn about how to use employee survey results.

How to leverage your corporate awards to attract top talent

It is shown that employees who work at companies recognized as “best places to work” will stay with their employer longer. Employees feel a sense of pride to be employed by successful, highly awarded companies.

Moreover, the success of these companies draws in top talent. Attendees will learn about how to leverage corporate awards to attract top talent from Lindsay M. Smith, Vice President of Brand Evangelism atf BestCompaniesAZ. She will share unique ways a company can celebrate and communicate winning awards to build employee pride levels. Methods for opening lines of communication and action planning will also be discussed.

How to share awards won and employee stories to improve retention

Attendees will be given the opportunity to learn about sharing awards won and improving employee retention from BestCompaniesAZ’s founder and CEO, Denise Gredler.

Gredler will lend her expertise in brand awareness and corporate growth to teach attendees about how to share awards once they’ve been won. Attendees will also learn about the influence positive employee experiences has on employee retention rates.

Join the BestCompaniesUSA Instituteon May 18 for this interactive, half-day workshop. If you are interested in learning about winning employer awards to develop brand awareness, purchase a ticket to this workshop here.

*Content will be distributed via lecture, individual and group activities, handouts, and online polling. Group discounts are available.*