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The BestCompaniesUSA Institute helps organizations benchmark, develop and sustain the culture that is most authentic to and engages their people most deeply. Through research-driven publications, webinars, podcasts, in-person workshops and onsite coaching and consulting, we’ll teach you the ahead-of-the-curve best practices being used to recruit top talent, drive retention and engage the multi-generational workforce.
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For 15 years, we have been recognizing and promoting best employers. BestCompaniesUSA delivers customized, cost-effective solutions that elevate regional brand awareness to attract top talent and customers. We leverage our expertise positioning brands as employers of choice, having access to industry influencers and through compiling years of benchmarking data collected ensuring clients win local, state and national awards and by facilitating our own workplace recognition programs.

Webinar Series

The BestCompaniesUSA Institute’s webinar series is free to attend and will be held at 1:00 PM Arizona the last Wednesday of the month, each month, February through November. Our tentative schedule of topics includes –

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Join Michael S. Seaver, executive coach and leadership consultant, as he shares best practices for facilitating organizational change. As you know, people don’t like change, especially if it’s bestowed upon them without their input. However, people tend to support what they help to create, so attend this webinar if you’d like to learn frameworks that secure leadership buy-in and involve employees at every level of your company. Michael will help you learn how to use evidence to support the need for change and enlist the help of influencers to keep your team motivated and engaged. You’ll learn best practices that help you paint the picture of success for your team and continue to drive wins through story telling and evoking an emotional connection. Michael will give you tools to help garner commitment from a wide variety of stakeholders being careful to identify a person’s readiness and amending your communication appropriately.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
· What human factors make organizational change difficult and hard to implement
· Demonstrate how your project/change initiative connects to the organization’s mission and strategic objectives
· Understand, identify, and be able to support people through the three phases of human change
· Implement, based on a person’s engagement level, strategies to secure commitment, action, and goal completion
· Q & A session

About the Speakers:
Michael S. Seaver

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A brief description and learning objectives are coming soon.

In-Person Workshops

The BestCompaniesUSA Institute’s in-person workshops will be held once per quarter, in metro Phoenix, AZ, through 2018. HRCI and SHRM credit is offered. The cost to attend each workshop is $250. Our tentative schedule of topics includes –

This workshop will be taking place in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. A brief description and learning objectives are coming soon!


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