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May Webinar Recap – Transforming Culture for Employee Retention

Employee retention is a huge buzzword in today’s human resources world. After all, there’s no victory in attracting and hiring incredible talent if companies aren’t able to retain them. While getting employees to stay at and invest in their companies requires a multifaceted approach, one thing is clear: having a positive, engaging company culture is key.

May Webinar, Transforming Culture for Employee Retention

In the our May webinar, Transforming Culture for Employee Retention, Brian Stinson, Lindsay M. Smith and Michael S. Seaver shared insightful thoughts on the effect of employee engagement on retention. They also shared lessons companies learn from facilitating cultural change at the organizational and personal levels. Additionally, they presented and explored new data from azcentral.com‘s Top Companies to Work For in Arizona in 2018 awards.

We kicked off the webinar with a live poll and learned that the attendees’ biggest employee retention challenge involved the manager-employee relationship. Some people say that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.

Our attendees’ response illuminated just how important it is for managers to have a good relationship with their employees. Attendees also cited employee benefits, cultural fit, and career growth opportunities as employee retention challenges.

Insights from Webinar Special Guest, Brian Stinson

Each of the webinar hosts have a special connection to and passion for employee engagement.

Brian Stinson, co-founder and Principal of The Peak Fleet, a firm dedicated to helping companies increase their employee engagement, shared data from Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report. The report found that only one third of the American workforce is “engaged,” or happy at work.

Brian also shared that “Actively Disengaged” employees make up about 16% of the workforce. These employees are twice as likely to seek new jobs than engaged employees. The Gallup report revealed that employees are just as likely to seek a new job due to culture or management as they are for pay, benefits or career growth.

In the webinar, Brian shared his story, highlighting how his professional experiences led him to want to find ways to help people find purpose, meaning and clarity at work.

Insights from Webinar Host, Michael Seaver

Michael Seaver shared about the importance of benchmarking your company’s current employee engagement numbers. He also shared practical ways for organizations to do this and spoke of the value of using cross-functional teams to implement smooth cultural changes. Additionally, Michael talked about the importance of 1-on-1 employee meetings.

Then, he gave tips for companies to connect an employee’s personal mission to the organization’s mission. Seaver also shattered the myth that companies have to keep business completely separate from employees personal lives. He suggested that sharing work-appropriate personal information can actually help employees engage more deeply at work.

Insights from Webinar Host, Lindsay M. Smith

Lindsay M. Smith discussed key data from the 2018 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award, revealing the top 10 key drivers of employee retention. Lindsay explained why statements such as “I feel I am valued at this organization,” “I feel I have made progress at work,” and “I have confidence in the leadership of this organization,” are foundational to employee retention.

To conclude the webinar, Lindsay shared a number of examples of what winners of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award are doing to engage their employees in truly unique ways.

How You Can Catch Up

Our webinar was packed with insight, inspiration, and information. You can watch the webinar on our website or listen to it on our podcast!

The knowledge doesn’t have to end here. If you’re looking for ways to transform your company’s culture for employee retention, we can help. Contact us here!